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Summary of our services:
  • We are one of the original Flood Zone Determination companies (not a “here today, gone tomorrow” company).
  • We specialize in - large residential, commercial, agricultural, new subdivision, and hard-to-find RR/RD # properties.
  • We are a regionally local company (conveniently located in southeastern PA).
  • We are willing to have a representative visit the property if necessary
  • We better protect the lender’s collateral through truly accurate individually reviewed Flood Zone Determinations (no computer automated assumptions).
  • We fully insure and guarantee the accuracy of our determinations.
  • We do NOT automatically require flood insurance when flood zone is found on a portion of the property.
  • Aid with flood zone disputes and FEMA’s flood zone correction process.
  • We will gladly deal directly with your customer should they question a determination or simply need help with a designated flood zone.
  • FEMA Elevation Certificates are available directly through us to meet insurance requirements. Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) processing also available.
  • Flexible ordering and delivery options.
  • Quick turnaround (usually an hour or two).
  • Duplicate orders are caught and a Flood Certificate with the original order date is returned at no charge.
  • Value pricing (High-end quality & service without the high-end price).
  • Volume discounts / Additional discounts on 2nd & 3rd loans / Employee discounts.
  • Special introductory pricing.
  • 10% of your invoice will be donated to various charities.
  • Fast courteous personalized service.
  • We do NOT subject your customers to those annoying mailing lists.
  • No phone maze (a real person will answer your call).




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